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what to do in an accident

What to Do In an Accident: The Basic Steps

Though we like to think we’re always prepared, sometimes when you get in an accident it’s easy to forget the proper procedures. That’s why we’ve put together a list of tips on what to do in an accident.

According to esurance, the most important thing to do is move to a safe area. As long as you’re not seriously injured, make sure you get yourself out of harm’s way. Use your hazard lights to signal to other drivers.

After stopping your vehicle and taking a moment to collect yourself, check on other people involved. Make sure no one is hurt – if they are, call 911 immediately.

what to do in an accident

Call the police. Even in small accidents because the police will provide an accident report, which is often necessary when working with insurance companies. Never admit fault or blame others at the scene – simply tell the truth. The police will determine who is at fault, and often guide you through the process.

Gather information from everyone. This includes: names, license plates, insurance info, make and model of cars involves, contact info (of eyewitnesses as well, if necessary), and the name and number of the police officer(s) involved.

If you have a camera, document any damage, as this will come in handy when you’re filing a claim. All that’s left to do is call your insurance, and they will file your claim for you.



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