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Truly Strange and Bizarre Traffic Laws in the US

Understanding local traffic regulations is especially important if you are driving outside of your state or region. However, there are some truly bizarre traffic laws that are almost unbelievable. Read on to see a list of some of the weirdest regulations in the US.

bizarre traffic laws

In Connecticut, according to the DMV, it is illegal to go hunting from your car. Believe it or not, individuals have been caught slinging guns from their cars, shooting at deer and other animals as they drive by.

Rockville, Maryland, has very strict censorship laws. In fact, you are not allowed to swear from your vehicle when driving in this city—a serious misdemeanor crime. Just try and keep your language PG-13 if you can help it.

Driving with beer in your car—even unopened cans and bottles—can lead to a ticket in Scituate, Rhode Island. Technically, that makes it virtually illegal for anyone to have beer in the city, unless of course it’s delivered on foot.

Some West Virginia residents have acquired a taste for road kill, a cheap source of protein that is perfectly legal. Anyone is allowed to scavenge road kill in the area—though technically, it can be used for fur or other products, not necessarily meat.

Finally, one of our favorites is a Massachusetts law that makes it illegal to drive with a gorilla in the backseat. Someone definitely tried to give an ape a ride, and it did not end well. If you do have a gorilla, you might have to take the bus instead.


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