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tips for camping trips

Three Tips for Camping Trips

tips for camping trips

Fall is the perfect season for camping. However, before you head out into the wild outdoors, there are some techniques you can learn to make your camping trip the best that it can be. Here are three tips for camping trips.

  1. Be Aware of Wind Direction

Depending on how crowded the camp site is around you, the smoke from neighboring fires could easily blow into your tent. Make sure to camp where the wind won’t blow that smoke in your direction.

  1. Know How Well Each Type of Wood Burns

To keep your fire burning bright throughout the night, be sure to select lighter dry wood to get the fire going and hardwoods for campfire longevity.

  1. Bring Gallon Jugs of Water

It’s important to stay hydrated during your camping excursion. Gallon jugs are the perfect storage containers for your water supply.

Following these camping tips will make your trip a lot more enjoyable!


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