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The New 2015 F-150’s Resale Value Rises From Last Year’s Model

When Ford engineers developed the new 2015 F-150 using cutting-edge processes to incorporate aluminum instead of steel body panels, they were able to boost the fuel economy to an industry-leading 26 mpg highway.

The lighter F-150 can haul a heavier-load and handles better than the outgoing model, but now according to a study by ALG, the new 2015 has a higher resale value as well.

2015 F-150's Resale ValueAccording to ALG, the 2015 F-150’s resale value after three years surged up 11.5% compared to the 2014 version, making it the highest domestic resale value for a half-ton truck.

“We are giving credit for the aluminum construction in the fuel efficiency we’re seeing,” Eric Lyman, ALG’s vice president of industry insights said. “We are not putting in a negative adjustment for concerns around repair costs or durability associated with aluminum.” Perhaps that is because aluminum is nothing new at Ford. It developed aluminum for use in body panels for the Jaguar line and used them for years before selling the brand.

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