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The Ford Spark!Lab Program: Inspiring Future Generations

Teaming up with the Smithsonian Institute, Ford recently brought to life the new Spark!Lab project. Designed to stimulate imagination and spark creativity, this new hands-on educational experience is perfect for kids and adults.

According to Ford, the new program is opening up in Anchorage, Alaska at the moment, although there were hints that it may take off around the country. The Ford Spark!Lab Program teaches kids about the invention process through science experiments, activities, and more.

“A spark of imagination and understanding what it means to invent can open up new opportunities and take a young person a long way toward success in education and career,” said Pamela Alexander, director of Community Development for the Ford Motor Company Fund. “When learning is fun, it can plant the seeds of exploration and discovery, and open a child’s eyes to the possibilities of what they can achieve.”

Ford Spark!Lab ProgramAs of now there are two other Spark!Labs in the country, located in Kansas City and at the  Smithsonian National Museum in Washington D.C. This lab is currently undergoing renovations, which are also being funded by Ford.


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