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The Benefits of Carpooling

The Benefits of Carpooling: Start a Ridesharing Program

The Benefits of CarpoolingCarpooling has many benefits. From saving the environment by reducing vehicle emissions to reducing fuel costs, you can quickly learn to love ridesharing. Going to your job with coworkers is a great way to get to know your neighbors.

According to DriveLessSaveMore, the benefits of carpooling are unparalleled. On average, households spend $5.32 on gasoline per day, and spend an extra 39 hours on the road due to gridlock. By sharing rides, you can save money, time, and even the environment.

When setting up your carpool, you should be certain to outline rules and have everyone agree. Include things like meeting times, how long you’ll wait, who will drive what days, if you can smoke or eat food, etc. Be sure to make strict rules about texting and driving as well.

The benefits of carpooling include: saving money, reducing stress, cutting back on the number of cars you own, new friendships, reduced traffic and pollution, and more. Consider starting your own carpool today.


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