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Summer Car Prep

Prep your car for summer

In order to get your car ready for the summer we’ll go over some items that you will want to check yourself or have checked out for you, to ensure that your car is ready to go.

Summer Car Prep

  1. Tires: With the summer heat coming our way, it’s important to watch your tire pressure. The constant change in temperatures can cause your tires to under-or-over-inflate, which could cause accidents, blowouts, or flats.  Check the manufacturer’s Manual in your car to see what your tire’s pressure should be set at. Keeping your tires at this pressure will also help in saving money at the gas pump!
  2. Oil: Most likely after the long winter, your car is in need of an oil change. Doing so will help in keeping your engine from overheating during those hot days when you are on a long trip (or even the short ones).
  3. Fluid Levels: With winter over and the heat coming in, you’ll want to check all your fluid levels such as: transmission, brake fluid, coolant, power steering, and differential. This is also a good time to look under your car, to see if you notice any leaks.
  4. Hoses and Belts: If you hear any squeaking when your car is running there is a good chance that your belt is starting to wear out and needs replaced. It’s also a good idea to get under your hood and check out all the hoses and belts to look for wear and tear as well as cracks.
  5. Air Filter: Check your air filter is an easy task to do, and if you find that it’s dirty, it’s time to replace it. Most air filters last 12,000 but it’s a good idea to check it between then as well.
  6. Windshield Wipers: After winter, most likely your windshield wipers are starting to wear and even crack some, so replacing will help with the rainy days.
  7. Cleaning inside out: The salt that is used on the roads to clear it of ice can collect down under your car, and begin to eat away at the metal. So taking a hose to the underside of your car is a good idea to remove any salt that may have collected during the winter.

If you don’t feel comfortable checking these things on your car, give Pegues-Hurst Ford a call and we would be more than happy to meet all of your service needs. We want you to be able to have a long fun summer in your car, as well as many summers to come.


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