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Stop-Start Technology Coming to Ford

ecoboost engine

As evidenced by the advent of EcoBoost technology in nearly all new Ford models, the Blue Oval is truly focused on green driving. The American automaker has stolen a good deal of the hybrid and plug-in market share from previous reigning champ, the Prius, over the last year and is constantly investing in eco-friendly processes and materials, such as the Ford Fusion seats, which are made entirely of recycled material.

Now Ford aims to add stop-start technology to models all across its lineup. The innovative and fuel-saving technology is already available on hybrid models and the Fusion, but Ford wants to present it as an option for drivers of all types of vehicles—whether subcompact, super duty truck, or something in between.

So how exactly does stop-start technology work? It’s pretty simple actually. When idling, say at a stoplight, the engine will shut off to save fuel. As soon as the driver’s pedal hits the gas, it starts back up seamlessly. Ford has even stated that over five years, drivers can save over $1,000 from this technology—and it’s only a $295 option on the car. Well worth the investment.

Be on the lookout for new models at Pegues Hurst Ford equipped with stop-start technology, and let us know any other ways you save on gas in your Ford!


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