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Spring Cleaning for Your Car

Spring is right around the corner, which means warmer weather, beautiful sunny days, and green sprouting up everywhere you look. For many people, this is a great time of year, especially to open up the windows and clean out the last remaining pieces of winter. If you love spring cleaning, don’t forget your car. Here are a few steps to get started with spring cleaning for your car.

spring cleaning for your car

  1. Take out the trash. Take everything out of your car, not just the trash, and organize. If it’s legitimately trash, throw it away. If it’s a winter necessity, pack it away until winter rolls around again, and if it’s something you need in your car, you can put it back in when you’re all finished cleaning. Don’t forget to clear out your trunk.
  2. Vacuum your car from the top down since gravity will pull any loose dirt to the floor. Get under the seats and in any small crevices. Go over the upholstery a few times as well.
  3. Wash your floor mats. Take out all the floor mats, vacuum them, and give them a good hose down with a power washer. Give them plenty of time to dry before you put them back in your car.
  4. Clean your upholstery. If you have some dirty spots on your seats, use upholstery cleaner to scrub them clean. It wouldn’t hurt to clean any spots on your carpeting as well. Leave your windows open and give your car plenty of time to dry out.
  5. Wash your car. Once again, go from the top down and rinse frequently so you don’t scrape your car with any loose dirt particles. Towel it dry and then give it a fresh coat of wax.

Follow these steps and come spring, your car will look and feel like new again.


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