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Telematics for Law Enforcement

Safety of Police Officers to be Improved with Ford Telematics for Law Enforcement

The safety of police officers isn’t something civilians consider very often, but Ford has the force in mind and is working with a technological company to build an in-car monitoring system for their vehicles. Its official title is going to be Ford Telematics for Law Enforcement.

This monitor will be built to transmit information to the police department, giving information collected to higher ups. This keeps them in the loop on what their officers are doing at all times when out in the field. All the basic information, like speed and location, are sent along with more specialized information like whether or not emergency lights are on or if the officer is wearing his seatbelt.

Telematics for Law EnforcementThis monitoring system will put police officers and the public in a safer state of mind. This keeps officers in check and lets headquarters know the status of their vehicle in case of emergency situations.

Pegues Hurst Ford anticipates this new system improving safety involving police officers overall in the near future. For more news on Ford innovations, check back every week!


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