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Tailgate Theft

People are Stealing Tailgates, Yes Really

What would seemingly be a trivial thing to steal, has seen a recent spike in reported thefts. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau from January 1st 2012 to December 31st 2013 there was a jump in tailgate thefts of 31 percent, from 831 to 1,090.

The unfortunate reality is that thieves rely on items that can be taken with a low risk of being caught and with little cost. Tailgates, which are quite easy to remove, can be stolen in just a few seconds by an experience thief. So, trucks in less populated areas are great prey for a thief, and easy for them to go completely unnoticed.

Tailgate TheftThese tailgates are then sold for scrap metal (metal theft itself is a nationwide issue in itself), but many are also sold as replacements for similar trucks. There is, however, an easy solution to prevent these thefts, with the purchase of an after-market hinge lock.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau found from all the claims they reviewed across the nation that, the great state of Texas filed 752 of the claims over the two-year period. Which is partially due to the overwhelmingly popularity of pickup trucks in our state.  Following behind Texas was California who filed 334 and Arizona with 207 claims.

When Autoblog spoke with NCIB spokeperson Frank Scafidi he stated that “It’s hard to know with confidence” what has caused the rise in filing of these claims. His speculation though was that the rise comes from there being more awareness of the issue, which would lead more people to file insurance claims.

While this may not be a new problem, we highly suggest taking the time to upgrade your tailgate with a hinge lock, to avoid becoming a victim.

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