Engine Control Module

How to Replace the Engine Control Module

The engine control module, also known as the power-train control module, is the computer inside your car that manages your engine and on occasion, the anti-lock braking systems. A bad one can dramatically reduce your car’s functionality, so it’s good to know how to replace the engine control module. This is one fix you’ll definitely want to learn to do at home. It’s so easy that there’s no reason to spend your money by taking it to a shop. Before you go to replace the ECM, make sure there’s no water leaking near it, or you could damage it permanently. First, open the engine compartment and disconnect the battery. Then locate

15 Sep 2015

Shelby GT350 Mustang New Shift Light Indicator Helps You on the Racetrack

Sometimes, a powerful engine and sporty dynamics are only the first steps toward feeling like a real race car driver. Sometimes, you just need that little something extra to really get immersed in the experience—and that’s exactly what Ford is about to offer with the new Shelby GT350 Mustang. How would you spec your Ford Shelby Mustang GT350? http://t.co/gi13H6Fu5L — Jalopnik (@Jalopnik) August 11, 2015 The automaker has just announced that the 526-horsepower, high-revving Shelby 350 will come equipped with a “Performance Shift Light” indicator, which is to say it’ll have a heads up display that projects onto the windshield with shift lights. This will allow drivers who are trying

25 Aug 2015
wheelchair-accessible SUV

BraunAbility Uses Ford Explorer to Build First Wheelchair-Accessible SUV

BraunAbility has built the world’s first wheelchair-accessible sport utility vehicle (named the BraunAbility MXV) and it used the best-selling American SUV to do it: the Ford Explorer. The Indiana-based company is a world leader in automotive mobility products, including wheelchair-accessible vehicles and lifts for consumer, commercial, and taxi markets. Founder Ralph Braun was honored as a champion of change by President Barack Obama in 2012. The BraunAbility MXV provides enough interior space to fit the most common power wheelchair models and the 56-inch cabin height offers a spacious interior for a comfortable ride. Getting in is easy thanks to innovative sliding-door technology and a lighted, in-floor ramp. Before making all

15 Aug 2015

Ford Giveaway during the 2015 ESSENCE Festival

Ford surprised fans at the annual ESSENCE Festival in New Orleans this year by showcasing the brand new Ford GT. By participating in the company’s Ride and Drive event, festival-goers were able to win all sorts of prizes, including a chance to win the keys to a car of their choice. According to Ford, this is the seventh consecutive year it has hosted the ESSENCE Festival. Located in New Orleans, this festival celebrates culture with a mix of established names, newcomers, and favorites. Janet Jackson was one of many artists to perform during the event, now in its 21st year. Ur hump day pick-me-up: us at the @Ford booth dancing, hula-hooping, car-crushing!

25 Jul 2015
what to do in an accident

What to Do In an Accident: The Basic Steps

Though we like to think we’re always prepared, sometimes when you get in an accident it’s easy to forget the proper procedures. That’s why we’ve put together a list of tips on what to do in an accident. According to esurance, the most important thing to do is move to a safe area. As long as you’re not seriously injured, make sure you get yourself out of harm’s way. Use your hazard lights to signal to other drivers. After stopping your vehicle and taking a moment to collect yourself, check on other people involved. Make sure no one is hurt – if they are, call 911 immediately. Call the police.

15 Jul 2015
GoDrive car-sharing service in London

Ford Offers GoDrive Car-Sharing in London

If you’ve spent any time in Europe, you know that driving and parking in big cities can be a nightmare. The city streets were literally set in stone long before cars arrived, meaning it can be hard to navigate the often narrow streets. This is why tiny cars are so popular in Europe and why so many people don’t own a car at all.   For those who don’t have their own transportation, they can take advantage of public transportation. But when that fails, they may need to borrow a car. Ford is now offering its GoDrive car-sharing service to the London public.   With this service it will give

22 Jun 2015
2015 Ford Edge's Safety

2015 Ford Edge’s Safety Recognized with Five-Star Rating

We all want cars that will keep us safe, which is why safety features are often a top-priority for many car shoppers. If safety tops your list, then consider the 2015 Ford Edge. The 2015 Ford Edge’s safety just earned a five-star Overall Vehicle Score from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The 2015 #Ford Edge gets 5-star safety score from @NHTSAgov! More on @AutoNation Drive: http://t.co/GnwuSloH8q @Ford pic.twitter.com/RrzatmQfqZ — AutoNation (@AutoNation) May 27, 2015 In addition to protection during a crash, the Edge offers technology that can help avoid a collision, like adaptive cruise collision, collision warning with brake assist, a 180-degree front camera, and a standard rearview

16 Jun 2015

2016 Ford F-150 CNG Option

“We surveyed customers likely to use natural gas or propane, and 72% told us they want to have these alternative fuel capabilities available on F-150 with the 5.0-liter V8 engine,” said Jon Coleman, Ford fleet sustainability and technology manager. That survey result ultimately led to Ford’s next big thing: the 2016 Ford F-150 CNG option. Ford is already the only manufacturer with a CNG-capable half-ton pickup and now a gaseous-fuel prep package is available on the 5-liter V8 model. This new option comes in exchange for the 3.7-liter V6 package due to a larger tow and haul capacity. Compressed natural gas runs much cheaper than normal gasoline, resulting in a

21 May 2015

Greatness of New Ford F-150 Extends to Safety Ratings as Well

There’s just simply no area where the new Ford F-150 does not excel. The truck, which has been on the market for months now, impressing people with its lighter, stronger, and more efficient nature, now also boasts a 5-Star NHTSA safety rating as well. The rating, which applies to all cab configurations of the new truck, is the highest possible rating given out by the NHTSA. The same changes to the truck’s body and platform that make it lighter also make it safer. The aluminum and high-strength steel in the body is all military grade—making it the most rigid, strongest truck body on the market today. The fact that it

08 May 2015

Ford Partnership Increases Carbon Fiber Ford Models Possibilities

Ford is known for pioneering new weight-reduction technology, and it looks like it isn’t going to stop anytime soon. The American carmaker recently signed a joint development agreement with DowAksa, which will help Ford to continue research on developing cost-effective, high-volume manufacturing for automotive-grade carbon fiber. This innovative partnership is a step toward making carbon fiber Ford models more prevalent, increasing fuel efficiency in the American carmaker’s lineup. While more manufacturing and cost-effective Ford production may not translate to our daily lives, increased fuel efficiency is something we can certainly all celebrate! “This joint development agreement reinforces Ford’s commitment to our partnership with DowAksa, and our drive to bring carbon

30 Apr 2015
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