SYNC Connectivity System

Ford Announces Upgrades to SYNC Connectivity System for the New Year

Ford is celebrating the New Year with a host of new upgrades to its advanced SYNC connectivity system that will bring even more convenience to owners. In 2016, Ford vehicles equipped with SYNC 3 will be compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones thanks to the power of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. In addition, new SYNC Connect technology powered by 4G LTE will let owners remotely access key features of their car, including the ability to unlock the doors, check fuel levels, locate the vehicle, and start the engine. ICYMI: @Ford is about to play a whole lot nicer with your iPhone or Android phone https://t.co/RYyVEIJK1d pic.twitter.com/CGB2bAp1GL — CNNMoney (@CNNMoney)

14 Jan 2016

Ford SYNC Connect Technology Adds In-Car LTE

The auto industry is all about smartphone connectivity as of late, it seems. With features like mobile Wi-Fi, hands-free phone calls, and BlueTooth music streaming becoming standard technology, being disconnected from the outside world–while driving–is becoming a thing of the past. Ford’s new SYNC Connect technology aims to make this sort of connectivity even more accessible to the company’s customers, starting next year. SYNC 3 with a new easy-to-use design can help anyone speed through the day—even this speed freak. #WhatHappensNext https://t.co/j5mqiKv8BB — Ford Motor Company (@Ford) August 31, 2015 Ford SYNC entertainment systems are already present in many of the company’s vehicles, but the new SYNC Connect ups the ante

20 Dec 2015

Revamped Ford Escape Debuts in Los Angeles

The Escape nameplate has been one of the best-selling vehicles in Ford’s lineup. Now, the revamped Ford Escape for 2017 has received a slew of new upgrades and is sure to impress when it rolls out onto dealer lots sometime next summer. The 2017 Escape was unveiled during the recent Los Angeles Auto Show, and many industry experts and enthusiasts couldn’t help but comment on the SUV’s glamorous Hollywood debut. The Restyled 2017 Ford Escape Debuted in Los Angeles https://t.co/NTnEUwcoVW pic.twitter.com/7IXcgHZjgv — Vehicle News (@vehiclenews1) December 6, 2015 The first noticeable change to the 2017 Ford Escape is its entirely redesigned face, granting the Escape a more upscale, modern look. However,

10 Dec 2015

Petty’s Garage 2016 Mustang GT King Edition Comes with up to 727 hp

The new Petty’s Garage 2016 Mustang GT King Edition is turning heads in the auto industry. This model comes with up to 727 hp, with three different models available. Made possible due to Ford’s partnership with Petty’s Garage – the in-house shop for NASCAR legend Richard Petty – these models are bound to sell out in a flash. According to Ford, the King Edition has a Ford Performance supercharger added on to the 5.0-liter V8 engine that comes standard. Adding 235 hp, the supercharger is backed by a 36,000 mile warranty. This model also comes with custom engine calibration, a cold-air intake, and a MagnaFlow exhaust. New Petty's Garage Mustang

19 Nov 2015
The Benefits of Carpooling

The Benefits of Carpooling: Start a Ridesharing Program

Carpooling has many benefits. From saving the environment by reducing vehicle emissions to reducing fuel costs, you can quickly learn to love ridesharing. Going to your job with coworkers is a great way to get to know your neighbors. According to DriveLessSaveMore, the benefits of carpooling are unparalleled. On average, households spend $5.32 on gasoline per day, and spend an extra 39 hours on the road due to gridlock. By sharing rides, you can save money, time, and even the environment. When setting up your carpool, you should be certain to outline rules and have everyone agree. Include things like meeting times, how long you’ll wait, who will drive what

07 Nov 2015

2017 Ford F-Series Super Duty to be the Toughest Ford Ever

It’s not easy to make the toughest vehicle on the road even tougher. However, Ford has always been up for a challenge. According to a Ford press release, the 2017 Ford F-Series Super Duty will be the toughest Ford ever. Since the Ford F-Series Super Duty is already the toughest truck around, making it even more durable and strong is no easy feat. To accomplish this, Ford added some new technologies and features to the 2017 Super Duty model. To start with, the body will be composed of a tough military-grade aluminum alloy, leading to a durable exterior. Framework of the truck will be composed of a high-strength steel backbone.

25 Oct 2015
tips for camping trips

Three Tips for Camping Trips

Fall is the perfect season for camping. However, before you head out into the wild outdoors, there are some techniques you can learn to make your camping trip the best that it can be. Here are three tips for camping trips. Be Aware of Wind Direction Depending on how crowded the camp site is around you, the smoke from neighboring fires could easily blow into your tent. Make sure to camp where the wind won’t blow that smoke in your direction. Know How Well Each Type of Wood Burns To keep your fire burning bright throughout the night, be sure to select lighter dry wood to get the fire going

12 Oct 2015
technology in the 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum

Premium Home Audio Technology in the 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum

Ford announced late last month that it is teaming up with Sony to introduce premium home audio technology in the 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum. The 500-watt Sony Sound System offers live acoustics and Clear Phase technologies, which are advanced technologies only offered in high-end sound systems. The Sony system in the Explorer Platinum is definitely the best one available in the industry. Live acoustics is a smart feature that uses an algorithm to authentically reproduce the acoustics of concert halls where symphony orchestras perform. To develop this technology, Sony workers visited various concert halls to “measure their precise acoustic qualities,” according to Ford’s press release. Clear Phase also helps to

22 Sep 2015
Engine Control Module

How to Replace the Engine Control Module

The engine control module, also known as the power-train control module, is the computer inside your car that manages your engine and on occasion, the anti-lock braking systems. A bad one can dramatically reduce your car’s functionality, so it’s good to know how to replace the engine control module. This is one fix you’ll definitely want to learn to do at home. It’s so easy that there’s no reason to spend your money by taking it to a shop. Before you go to replace the ECM, make sure there’s no water leaking near it, or you could damage it permanently. First, open the engine compartment and disconnect the battery. Then locate

15 Sep 2015

Shelby GT350 Mustang New Shift Light Indicator Helps You on the Racetrack

Sometimes, a powerful engine and sporty dynamics are only the first steps toward feeling like a real race car driver. Sometimes, you just need that little something extra to really get immersed in the experience—and that’s exactly what Ford is about to offer with the new Shelby GT350 Mustang. How would you spec your Ford Shelby Mustang GT350? http://t.co/gi13H6Fu5L — Jalopnik (@Jalopnik) August 11, 2015 The automaker has just announced that the 526-horsepower, high-revving Shelby 350 will come equipped with a “Performance Shift Light” indicator, which is to say it’ll have a heads up display that projects onto the windshield with shift lights. This will allow drivers who are trying

25 Aug 2015
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