List of 2017 Super Duty Features Expands to 17 Options

The well established 2017 Super Duty features are expanding to include an array of driver assist technologies, new lighting, premium infotainment, and more. In total, this new pickup will come with 17 exclusive features, making it truly one of a kind. 2017 @Ford Super Duty’s adaptive cruise control can handle a 31,500-pound trailer https://t.co/pe58r3ESfP pic.twitter.com/OqlwjzjrRN — Digital Trends (@DigitalTrends) July 8, 2016 According to Ford, one of the most complex systems in its new truck is the Adaptive Cruise Control. Using sensors to keep you at a safe following distance, this driver assist technology has been specially adapted for towing and hauling. Now, the model is capable of maintaining a

19 Jul 2016
road trip tunes

A Playlist of Road Trip Tunes for Every Occasion

Turns out, there’s a song for every situation you might run into on a road trip, so prepare  yourself…. Eddie Rabbit – “Driving My Life Away” If you happen to be on a particularly long road trip, and it seems like it’s never going to end, put this song on. Eddie Rabbit feels your pain. AC/DC – “Highway to Hell” Indulging a little too much on your road trip? Too many energy drinks, candy bars and cheap, ceramic statues of wolves purchased at truck stops? You know where you’re going. Just put this song on and accept your fate. Fastball – “The Way” Play this one when you’re lost. This

15 Jun 2016

FordInclusiveWorks Creates Special Positions for Individuals with Autism

According to the CDC, 1 in 68 people are born with some form of autism. Individuals with autism can face a number of challenges in life. One of which is finding a workplace where they are welcome, a place that is aware of their special skill sets and can work with them on an individual basis. Ford is working to address this issue through its initiative, FordInclusiveWorks. The automaker created the pilot program with the help of Autism Alliance of Michigan. In its product development department, Ford specially created five positions that, as they put it in a recent press release, “suit the skills and capabilities of people with autism.”

07 Jun 2016
Cloud-Based Technology

Ford Partners with Cloud-Based Technology Company Pivotal

Cars these days are getting more and more high-tech, and Ford’s latest strategy is to pursue the best in cloud-based technology. After partnering with software development company Pivotal on the new Fordpass system and a new shuttle service in Dearborn, Michigan, Ford and Pivotal are at it again. Ford invested $182 million into Pivotal recently, which was on top of all the brand’s previous investments, suggesting to everyone in the industry that Ford plans on working with Pivotal for a long time.   Ford Invests in Pivotal to Soup Up Its Software https://t.co/0rqyGHbXQl via @WSJ — sachin_bhirud (@sachin_bhirud) May 23, 2016   On top of the investment, Ford Chief Information

29 May 2016
off-road park

Experience Off-Road Fun in the Alligator Run Off-Road Park

There’s nothing quite like off-roading, whether you have an ATV, truck, dirt bike, or some other vehicle equipped for taking on the great outdoors. If you live in or near Longview or Easton, Texas you can experience the thrill of driving off the beaten path at the Alligator Run Off-Road Park. As the largest off-roading park in Texas, Alligator Run offers everything from sand drags to mud pits and beginner trails in order to cater to a variety of skill levels.   Just twelve miles south of Longview, Alligator Run has 70 campsites with water and electricity, as well as 140 RV hook-ups. With firewood, ice, and wash bays available,

24 May 2016
FordPass Spotify Partnership

New FordPass Spotify Partnership Promises Enhanced Entertainment

Ford recently teamed up with media giant Spotify to help develop an unparalleled entertainment experience for FordPass members. Other partners include McDonalds, 7-Eleven, and BP, among others, making FordPass a promising new system. This mobility platform provides a closer relationship between drivers and their cars, offering a range of benefits associated with marketplace mobility services. In short, FordPass will reward members with services and rewards, even merchandise. FordPass, according to Ford, is designed to tap into a more than 900 hours that people spend on the move annually. Spotify has agreed to optimize the entertainment options offered by FordPass, helping them to download and stream music, stay connected, and interact

28 Apr 2016
Driver-Assist Technologies

Driver-Assist Technologies Explained: What Exactly Are These Systems?

You’ve probably heard the phrase “driver-assist technologies” if you have recently been shopping for a new car. It’s a phrase that could, frankly, mean anything. After all, aren’t most automotive technologies designed to assist the driver? That’s why we’ve put together a post titled driver-assist technologies explained. One of the most popular systems is Adaptive Cruise Control. This uses sensors, including radar, to detect the distance of cars ahead of you. You set a limit to the distance of cars in front of you, and your computer automatically adapts to the speed of cars on the highway. This lets you follow behind without constantly turning cruise control on and off. This

19 Apr 2016

Spring Cleaning for Your Car

Spring is right around the corner, which means warmer weather, beautiful sunny days, and green sprouting up everywhere you look. For many people, this is a great time of year, especially to open up the windows and clean out the last remaining pieces of winter. If you love spring cleaning, don’t forget your car. Here are a few steps to get started with spring cleaning for your car. Take out the trash. Take everything out of your car, not just the trash, and organize. If it’s legitimately trash, throw it away. If it’s a winter necessity, pack it away until winter rolls around again, and if it’s something you need

18 Mar 2016

Ford Sees Best February Sales in Over a Decade

February may be the shortest month of the year, but it was a pretty fantastic month for Ford. Ford saw its best February sales since 2005 with sales up 20% over last year. Total sales for the month clocked in at 217,192 vehicles. The biggest sales leaders were Ford SUVs, with sales up 33%. Cars and trucks also gained 6% and 5% respectively. “We saw a solid industry last month and a strong month for Ford, as customer demand for our newest vehicles – including new high-end series on Explorer and Edge – helped Ford increase its average transaction prices at almost double the industry average,” said Mark LaNeve, Ford

11 Mar 2016
Vehicle Gets Stuck in the Mud

How to Prepare and What to Do If Your Vehicle Gets Stuck in the Mud

From thick snow to sticky mud, heavy precipitation frequently causes the right conditions for your vehicle to seemingly get cemented into place. This can easily turn into a frustrating experience. So make sure to turn the odds in your favor. Before your vehicle gets stuck in the mud, check out these tips: Prepare yourself ahead of time by keeping a quality shovel and some sort of large tarp folded up and available in the back of your car. Similarly, you may want to invest in snow tires or snow chains if you anticipate a snowy situation. Try to accelerate slowly – never quickly – because gradual acceleration will pick up

25 Feb 2016
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