Ford Voted Best Brand

Ford remained the best-perceived brand among automakers and the 2nd-best perceived brand in the entire United States in the latest YouGov BrandIndex report. To determine a brand’s place in the report, YouGov asks respondents whether they’ve heard anything about the brand in the last two weeks—through advertising, news, or word of mouth—and whether what they heard was positive or negative. All of this information is then then used to build the brand’s “Buzz score.” This year, Ford was able to take 2nd place with a Buzz score of 29.6, only one point down from Amazon in first place, but far ahead of any other automaker—Toyota was second among automakers with

31 Jan 2014

The 2015 F-150; The Best Yet

When you’re the thirty-seven-year-and-counting grand champion of American truck manufacturing (not to mention the 32 year-strong titleholder of Best Selling Vehicle in America), it seems entirely plausible that you could take your latest model, slap the latest model year number on the grille, and call it your newest and most innovative product.  However, Ford hasn’t gotten where it has with the F-Series by simply settling for the status quo: it’s that constant quest to improve upon a winning formula that keeps them positioned comfortably at No. 1. The latest and greatest in the line, the 2015 Ford F-150 made its highly-anticipated debut at the 2014 North American International Auto Show

20 Jan 2014

Ford F-Series Trucks Continue Reign

Here at Pegues Hurst Ford, we are celebrating a 32-year streak. That’s how long the Ford F-series has been the number one-selling vehicle for buyers throughout the United States. In total, Ford sold 793,402 F-series in 2013. We can only imagine what that many people are using their trucks to do: You’ll probably notice many of the F-series trucks getting a workout at construction sites, while others indulge in a life of leisure toting kayaks, bikes, and the all-important coolers of food through the great outdoors. There are probably some trucks outfitted with camouflage for hunting season and others whose tailgates are enjoying prime time before the big game. But

14 Jan 2014

New Ford Solar-Powered C-Max

Ford has announced the C-MAX Solar Energi Concept, a first-of-its-kind sun-powered vehicle with tremendous potential for the future. The fact that Ford chose to build its solar energy vehicle on the C-MAX is fitting: the model is already one of the most efficient cars on the market. But this new concept takes efficiency to another level, with the potential to deliver all of the same benefits as a plug-in hybrid without depending on the electric grid for power. On the roof of the Ford-CMAX Solar Energi Concept is a special concentrator that acts like a magnifying glass, which then directs the intensified solar rays to the solar panels on the

09 Jan 2014

Ford Designers on the New 2015 Mustang

J Mays, Ford’s design chief, is set to retire at the end of the year. Before he does, he sat down for an interview providing a sneak peek into the mind of the man behind the next-generation Mustang design. Of course, we all want to know how hard it was to re-design the next generation of the American classic. Surprisingly, Mays said it wasn’t. He considered the task more of an honor than anything else. Hashing out design plans since 2009 indicates a great many long hours were put into crafting the 2015 Mustang, whose global debut took place earlier this month; but for Mays, the work was a joy.

30 Dec 2013

Ford Fiesta ST is Top Gear’s Car of the Year

Anyone who’s ever watched an episode of Top Gear can tell you that Jeremy Clarkson and the guys are big fans of performance cars—after all, what kind of a car enthusiast isn’t? But when it came time to decide what car would win the show’s 2013 Car of the Year, they have to consider not just the performance cars but every car, and this year they picked one that you might not have expected: the Ford Fiesta ST. Well, if you’ve driven one before, maybe you did expect it. It beat the innovative Volkswagen XL1 and the crazy Peugeot 208 T16 Pikes Peak, not to mention all of the attention-grabbing

23 Dec 2013

Ford Using Google Earth and New Tech for Plants

Ford is piloting new software from Siemens that uses Google Earth technology to improve its communication, efficiency, globalization, and standardization across its assembly plants. The software, called IntoSite, is a cloud-based web application that lets users explore and share information within 3D versions of assembly plants. Users can navigate virtually through the plants, even down to the workstations, to get a better understanding of global processes. Just like in Google Maps, engineers and other team members can add pins at any virtual location within the plant, tagging content like videos, documents, and images that they can upload. This offers a totally new virtual space where users can easily save and

13 Dec 2013

Stop-Start Technology Coming to Ford

As evidenced by the advent of EcoBoost technology in nearly all new Ford models, the Blue Oval is truly focused on green driving. The American automaker has stolen a good deal of the hybrid and plug-in market share from previous reigning champ, the Prius, over the last year and is constantly investing in eco-friendly processes and materials, such as the Ford Fusion seats, which are made entirely of recycled material. Now Ford aims to add stop-start technology to models all across its lineup. The innovative and fuel-saving technology is already available on hybrid models and the Fusion, but Ford wants to present it as an option for drivers of all

07 Dec 2013

Ford F-150 Still the Best-Selling Truck in America

The best-selling run of the Ford F-Series truck will continue through 2013, as the historic pickup has already eclipsed its sales total from 2012. The Ford F-Series will become the best-selling vehicle in the U.S. for the 32 consecutive years, and will stretch its streak as the best-selling truck to 37 straight years.  Ford had already sold 645,316 units through October, beating the 2012 total with two months to spare.  On average, an F-Series is sold every 42 seconds. The competition is unable to keep up with the rate at which Ford is selling its iconic F-Series.  “Through October, our leadership margin is nearly 220,000 units over Chevrolet Silverado and

29 Nov 2013

High-Powered Ford Fiesta Fun

The goal for Ken Block’s latest Gymkhana was simple: create the ultimate grid course. And then, of course, shred it apart in his iconic Ford Fiesta. If you’re looking to feast your eyes on six minutes of slow-motion drifts, donuts, smoke, and insane acceleration, then look no further than Gymkhana 6. It can be easy to write off Ken Block as just another throttle-happy punk who performs only average stunts in a superpowered Fiesta ST. But Gymkhana 6 makes a notable effort to bring out the precision driving from Block. Hitting all of the balloons lined up at the edge of a circle by drifting a 650-horsepower car cannot be

27 Nov 2013
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