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Ford Focus Continues Reign as World’s Top Selling Car; Celebrates With a Makeover

The Ford Motor Company has been very eager to get their hands on the new full year of Pol data for 2013. It’s something they- along with use here at Pegues-Hurst Ford – have been waiting for much mlike the way kids wait for Christmas morning. And just like Christmas morning, the wait has been totally worth it: Ford analyzed the data from IHS Automotive and after the addition came to the conclusion that, once again, the Ford Focus is the best-selling car across the globe. In fact, sales for the Focus rose 8.1% from 2012, and Ford sold a total of 1,097,618 units of the compact passenger car over

18 Apr 2014

Some accomplishments in memory of the late great Henry Ford

Today marks the 67th anniversary of the death of the late Henry Ford, and in memory we wanted to share some accomplishments achieved during his life. Created the Ford 999 racer in 1902 that set records at Gross Point track Founded the Ford Motor Company in 1903 Introduced the Model T in 1908 During its life time from 1908-1927 15 million units were produced The Model T was also the first inexpensive car that everyone could buy Introduced the assembly line that is a manufacturing standard today Introduced the $5 workday(roughly $120 today) to retain the best employees and reduce turnover and training Was an early backer of the Indianapolis

09 Apr 2014

Bill Ford Promises Self-Driving Cars in the Near Future

Bill Ford, Ford executive chairman as well as the great-grandson of the pioneering Henry Ford, recently spoke at the Forbes Reinventing American Summit, detailing the bright—and surprising future—of the Blue Oval. He talked specifically about the technological age—how technology has already revolutionized the industry and how it will continue to do so in the future. Take the newest F-150, for example. The aluminum-infused frame is a major technological achievement, finding ways to use lighter materials but still strengthen the truck’s frame. But Bill Ford’s real surprise bomb came in a direction vein: “Self-driving cars are coming,” said Ford. “But the technology will arrive before society figures out how to make

31 Mar 2014

Ford Awarded on Ethics

The Ford Motor Company has always had plenty to boast about—Henry Ford, the company’s founder, basically invented the modern automobile market via the world famous Model T and the assembly line, after all. Since then, the classic Blue Oval has built a reputation for excellence, and now they can  celebrate accomplishments like fifty years of the Ford Mustang, the world’s best-selling car (Focus), and America’s favorite truck series (the F-Series). Most importantly, though, Ford has accomplished all of this as one of the most ethical companies in the entire world. For the fifth consecutive year, Ethisphere Institute tapped the Ford Motor Company with one of their exclusive World’s Most Ethical

22 Mar 2014

Ford’s 2014 Lineup Riding High on Hybrid Technology

The Ford Motor Company has always been endlessly resourceful and creative, finding ways to put together excellent lineups that are relevant to their time. So it’s no surprise that now, in the age of the hybrid vehicle, Ford’s lineup is littered with great green vehicles, including three earth-shattering hybrids designed to combine efficiency and style for the sophisticated modern driver. Ok, it occurs to me that “earth-shattering” might not be the best descriptor for a hybrid vehicle, but trust me: the C-MAX Hybrid, Fusion Hybrid, and Fusion Energi will shatter your expectations of what an electric vehicle can do. Let’s start with the C-MAX Hybrid, a car that destroys the

13 Mar 2014

Ford Truck Sales Continue On

When the new Ford F-150 made its debut earlier this year at the North American International Auto Show, critics and fans alike wondered how it would affect Ford’s future truck sales. While Ford admitted that they’ll have to shut down some plants for a number of weeks to prepare them to produce the new F-150, which will likely bring sales down for those months, nothing like that is happening yet. In fact, Ford F-Series led the company to a great overall February; the F-Series trucks posted their best sales numbers in eight years. “Sales surged in the final week, providing us momentum after a slow start to the month,” said

08 Mar 2014

The Ford Focus; In Focus

The Ford Focus, which continues to hold the prestigious title of best-selling car in the world, just added even more accolades to its collection. For 2014, all models of the Focus—both the sedan and the hatchback, plus the Focus Electric—earned the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s highest honors, the 5-Star Overall Vehicle Score for safety. The Focus, which also earned the 5-Star rating last year, has thus established itself as one of the safest and smartest small cars on the market. For the 2014 model year, the Focus takes advantage of Ford’s AdvanceTrac electronic stability control and anti-lock brake system, which comes standard on all models. AdvanceTrac technology keeps track

28 Feb 2014

Glimpse the 2015 Expedition

Ford’s journey of excellence continued Wednesday when the 2015 Expedition made its debut at the DFW Auto Show, which runs through Sunday, February 23. This next-year model is not just a routine update, though—there’s a lot more happening than simply changing the nameplate from 2014 to 2015. The newest Expedition features advanced engine technology as well as a host of new and improved safety and technology features. “This new Expedition is proof Ford is committed to remaining the leader in utilities – small, medium and large,” said Jackie DiMarco, Expedition chief engineer. “We listened to our customers and created a full-size utility vehicle that doesn’t compromise in performance, technology or

22 Feb 2014

Get Pizza Delivered using Ford SYNC

Customers who own a Ford with the SYNC® AppLink™ in-car connectivity system and have a registered Pizza Profile on their Domino’s mobile app will be able to conveniently place an order for their favorite pizza right from their car and using only their voice. Just save their pizza combination, delivery address, and payment information of choice using the Easy Order function on the official Domino’s website or mobile app. Then it’s as easy as ordering using simple voice commands provided by Ford’s SYNC system. Finishing work and driving home to a fresh pizza has never been so easy. “This is, no question, one of the coolest in a long list

17 Feb 2014

Test the New F-150 Today

Ford unveiled the hotly-anticipated new F-150 last month at the 2014 North American International Auto Show. The revolutionary and drastically different edition of America’s best-selling truck for the past 37 years has received nothing but thunderous applause and critical acclaim so far. It looks like Ford’s decision to lightweight the vehicle, relying heavily on high-strength aluminum in the frame, is a success. But Ford, claiming that the new F-150 is the toughest one yet, is not done proving their point just yet. The blue oval has devised a unique way to allow you—Ford’s loyal customers—to help test out just how tough the new F-150 is. As part of the “You

11 Feb 2014
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