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FordPass Spotify Partnership

New FordPass Spotify Partnership Promises Enhanced Entertainment

Ford recently teamed up with media giant Spotify to help develop an unparalleled entertainment experience for FordPass members. Other partners include McDonalds, 7-Eleven, and BP, among others, making FordPass a promising new system. This mobility platform provides a closer relationship between drivers and their cars, offering a range of benefits associated with marketplace mobility services.

FordPass Spotify Partnership

In short, FordPass will reward members with services and rewards, even merchandise. FordPass, according to Ford, is designed to tap into a more than 900 hours that people spend on the move annually. Spotify has agreed to optimize the entertainment options offered by FordPass, helping them to download and stream music, stay connected, and interact with other FordPass members. This should help optimize the music gathering process, so instead of headaches you’ll get head beats!

“The FordPass platform is about understanding people’s needs and developing great experiences and ways to help them move better,” said Elena Ford, Ford vice president, global dealer and consumer experience. “The combination of FordPass and Spotify will create a great music experience both inside and outside of the vehicle.”

The FordPass Spotify partnership is the latest link between the two brands, as Spotify already comes with a range of Ford apps. This exciting range of new offerings will not only keep drivers more engaged and entertained, but it also allows Ford to optimize the customer experience and gather data and analytics. This should ensure that the longer you use the service, the better it will become for you. The question is, what to download first…



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