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Ford Safety Technology

New Ford Safety Technology Addresses In-Car Heart Attacks

If you keep up with the never-ending advancements in vehicle safety technology, you might find that you never quite stop shaking your head with amazement.  With the latest invention from Ford, there is no sign it will stop anytime soon.

Ford engineers have addressed a somewhat rare but very real safety issue.  What happens when someone at the wheel suffers a heart attack?  Not only are they now in danger due to their heart failing, but a dangerous traffic situation has also arisen.

Ford Safety TechnologyWhat Ford engineers have done is place sensors on the steering wheel and in the driver’s seat.  These sensors will constantly take physiological measurements.  Along with the help of a camera, these sensors will look for signs of a heart attack.

When these signs are present, the car will automatically come to a stop.  Once the vehicle is safely stopped, the computer would then send a message to the nearest hospital.

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