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New Ford Bronco

New Ford Ranger Pickup to Be Released in 2019

New Truck on the Block

Ford recently announced at the 2017 North American International Auto Show that the Ford Ranger pickup would be available for the 2019 model year. This intelligent truck will offer drivers a new option that is ideal for off-road driving. In fact, many aspects of the Ranger are based on its European counterpart.

According to Road and Track, the Ford Ranger pickup is designed for off-road trails and it’s being made with attention to storage and capabilities. For example, engineers are ensuring that you can fit a bike in the back, as well as hiking equipment and coolers. The current exterior of the European model has a tall ride height for added clearance, an extended cab for space, and LED lighting to improve visibility.

Insights into what’s to come

There are little details on the Ranger at this point, but we do know that it will be produced in Michigan in the near future. Ford is aiming to release the new Ford Ranger alongside the Bronco, a classic that’s returning as well. While the Bronco will likely be built from scratch, the Ranger looks like it will borrow its platform from existing models.

At Pegues Hurst Ford, we can’t wait to learn more about the new Ford Ranger pickup. To see the current lineup of Ford pickups, feel free to stop by and see us.


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