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New Fiesta RS Under Consideration After Focus’s Success

The Ford brand is all about performance vehicles these days—and we don’t just mean supercars like the new GT Carbon Fiber, either. Even the Ford Focus has gotten in on the fun recently, with the new Focus RS model. The Focus RS joins the Focus ST as one of the two performance models of the vehicle—and the brand isn’t stopping there.

There’s a new Fiesta RS model in the works too, apparently, which will bring the performance vehicle DNA even to the Blue Oval’s subcompact model. Though it has not been 100% assured of a production run yet, we’re rather sure about the possibility here at Pegues Hurst Ford. The Focus RS, which was just revealed on February 3, is one of twelve Ford performance cars coming out before 2020.

New Ford Focus RSWe’re short on details on the rumored new Fiesta RS at this point, but we expect it to be similar in power to the Focus ST model and also come with All-Wheel drive system. An AWD system that put up to 70% of the power to the rear wheels AND all of the power to a single wheel! These cars might even be destined for use in the Red Bull Global Rallycross Championship, helping Ford cement its racing legacy and prove that its cars are performance ready all across the lineup.


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