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Meet the Increased Power, Luxury, and Features of the 2016 Ford Explorer

The beloved Ford Explorer is getting a makeover for 2016–and if it’s possible to make America’s favorite SUV better, Ford has done it. This time next year, we’ll have our hands on the new, more powerful, more luxurious 2016 Ford Explorer.

This high-end design and performance approach has already been seen in the 2015 Ford Edge, which saw a complete redesign. points out the Explorer will only get a facelift, but Ford’s push toward the premium end of the market will be evident in both vehicles.

One of the biggest and most impactful updates to the features of the 2016 Ford Explorer will be the four-cylinder EcoBoost engine, upsized from 2.0-liters to 2.3-liters in displacement, resulting in an additional 30 horsepower and 30 lb-ft of torque. Ford claims the increase in power will make a noticeable difference in acceleration but won’t affect fuel efficiency.

The Ford Explorer’s styling will also be refreshed, with a restyled front end, new headlights, and a slimmer grille. These updates alone make the Explorer appear more sophisticated and sleek.

Inside, passengers will notice a quieter cabin thanks to improved door seals. Certain trim levels will offer special vibration-absorbing engine mounts and acoustic glass.

Look for the 2016 Ford Explorer to make its way to Pegues Hurst Ford next year.


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