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Vehicle Gets Stuck in the Mud

How to Prepare and What to Do If Your Vehicle Gets Stuck in the Mud

From thick snow to sticky mud, heavy precipitation frequently causes the right conditions for your vehicle to seemingly get cemented into place. This can easily turn into a frustrating experience. So make sure to turn the odds in your favor. Before your vehicle gets stuck in the mud, check out these tips:

Vehicle Gets Stuck in the Mud

  • Prepare yourself ahead of time by keeping a quality shovel and some sort of large tarp folded up and available in the back of your car.
  • Similarly, you may want to invest in snow tires or snow chains if you anticipate a snowy situation.
  • Try to accelerate slowly – never quickly – because gradual acceleration will pick up traction.
  • Keep the wheels straight, and try rocking back and forth while shifting between drive and reverse.
  • Lastly, resist the urge to get out and push, which could cause an injury. If you still need help, call a professional.


Whenever possible, try to avoid the mud and snow to the best of your ability. Check local weather stations read on what’s happening in the days to come. Personal safety is key- then getting your car out of its bind.

If you’re interested in a winter-weather-ready model or just have a question, visit us or call anytime at Pegues Hurst Ford!


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