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2017 Ford F-150 | Pegues Hurst Ford | Longview, TX

How to Care for Your New Truck

So you’ve finally made the leap and purchased a brand new Ford F-150 from Pegues Hurst Ford. Congratulations! You now own America’s best-selling pickup for 40 consecutive years. Now it’s time to take care of your new Ford F-150 so it will last a long time and serve you well throughout the years. Here are some excellent ways to care for your new truck.


Keeping the inside of your Ford F-150 will give you a sense of pride every time you welcome a passenger into its comfy cabin. Care for your cabin regularly by keeping it clear of debris and trash. Every month or so, break out the vacuum cleaner and vacuum your floors, seats, and the crevices on your dashboard and center console. If your Ford has leather seats, look for a gentle, quality leather cleaner that you can use regularly to keep your seats taken care of.


Your Ford F-150 is sure to get dirty on the outside, especially if you’re taking advantage of its off-road capabilities or using it to haul heavy loads. Hand-wash your pickup regularly to keep it nice and clean. Spring is a great time to apply a fresh coat of protective wax that will help protect your truck’s paint job. Apply another coat in the fall before the winter season hits, too. As long as you keep a consistent cleaning routine for your Ford’s exterior and interior, your new F-150 is sure to look great even as it ages.


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