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High-Powered Ford Fiesta Fun

The goal for Ken Block’s latest Gymkhana was simple: create the ultimate grid course. And then, of course, shred it apart in his iconic Ford Fiesta. If you’re looking to feast your eyes on six minutes of slow-motion drifts, donuts, smoke, and insane acceleration, then look no further than Gymkhana 6.

It can be easy to write off Ken Block as just another throttle-happy punk who performs only average stunts in a superpowered Fiesta ST. But Gymkhana 6 makes a notable effort to bring out the precision driving from Block. Hitting all of the balloons lined up at the edge of a circle by drifting a 650-horsepower car cannot be easy—nor can doing donuts around two Lamborghini police cars or two guys standing on segways… while they’re moving.

And it’s hard to argue with drifting, which almost always manages to look nothing short of awesome. Gymkhana 6 combines precision and finesse with this raw appeal to make Ken Block’s greatest video in the series yet.

And for whenever we’re not driving on a closed course, there’s always the regular, tried and true Ford Fiesta, available at Pegues Hurst Ford (sorry though, only stock power Fiestas available…).


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