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Some accomplishments in memory of the late great Henry Ford

Today marks the 67th anniversary of the death of the late Henry Ford, and in memory we wanted to share some accomplishments achieved during his life.

  • Created the Ford 999 racer in 1902 that set records at Gross Point track
  • Founded the Ford Motor Company in 1903
  • Introduced the Model T in 1908
  • During its life time from 1908-1927 15 million units were produced
  • The Model T was also the first inexpensive car that everyone could buy
  • Introduced the assembly line that is a manufacturing standard today
  • Introduced the $5 workday(roughly $120 today) to retain the best employees and reduce turnover and training
  • Was an early backer of the Indianapolis 500
  • Introduced the V-8 engine
  • Contributor to the US becoming a motorist country

While this is only a glimpse of what Henry Ford accomplishment in his life, its easy to see why he is marked as a great man in American history. Many of his contributions to the world have shaped our world today.  Here at Pegues-Hurst we’re very proud to be a Ford dealer!


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