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Greatness of New Ford F-150 Extends to Safety Ratings as Well

There’s just simply no area where the new Ford F-150 does not excel. The truck, which has been on the market for months now, impressing people with its lighter, stronger, and more efficient nature, now also boasts a 5-Star NHTSA safety rating as well. The rating, which applies to all cab configurations of the new truck, is the highest possible rating given out by the NHTSA.

New Ford F-150 receives 5-star rating from NHTSAThe same changes to the truck’s body and platform that make it lighter also make it safer. The aluminum and high-strength steel in the body is all military grade—making it the most rigid, strongest truck body on the market today. The fact that it also saves the truck 700 pounds in weight is just icing on the cake, in this perspective.

The F-150 has a total of 31 distinct safety innovations, according to Ford’s engineers. The truck went through incredible rounds of testing to make it the strongest truck Ford has ever put on the market. Fortunately, here at Pegues Hurst Ford, we’re ready and willing to share this great new truck with you.

Come see us to learn more about the F-150’s body, engines, and technological innovations today.


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