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Ford's Lightweight Concept Vehicle

Fusion’s Performance with Fiesta’s Efficiency in Ford’s “Lightweight Concept”

Though we all would like to believe that gas prices will sporadically freefall from the high prices we see now, we know it’s just wishful thinking. Thankfully with Ford and their forward-thinking customer-focused engineering, are working to ensure that it’s not only our wallets that will be getting much lighter. First there is the all new, lightweighted F-150 that will begin production in Dearborn, and now, Ford has introduced a Lightweight Concept vehicle.Ford's Lightweight Concept Vehicle

What exactly is the Lightweight Concept? Well it’s based on the Ford Fusion, but it has shed 700 to 800 pounds to make it as light – and efficient – as the Ford Fiesta. Yes you read that correctly, Ford has created a full-size sedan that weighs as much as a compact car. Ford was able to achieve this by essentially replacing every single part in the Fusion with a better, lighter alternative. In the car’s frame you’ll find aluminum, high-strength steel, and magnesium. In the rear windshield they used the same plastic that you find in cell phones instead of the glass. Inside and out, many of the parts on the Lightweight Concept are carbon fiber instead of the traditional heavier metals.

With all the lighter parts the Fusion concept is a much more efficient vehicle – with an estimated 45 mpg, making it about the same as the Fiesta. Even more impressive is that this lighter vehicle can produce the same level of performance from a smaller, 1.0L three-cylinder Ecoboost engine.

“Lightweighting our vehicles is incredibly important to us in terms of improving fuel economy and reducing CO2 emissions,” Kumar Galhotra, vice president of engineering for Ford, said. It is no surprise to us here at Pegues-Hurst Ford that the brand has more lightweighting plans for the future. Currently Ford is working with Samsung to make a lighter, more efficient lithium-ion battery to replace lead-acid batteries as well as researching new ways to bring regenerative braking systems to more vehicles. While the Lightweight Concept won’t see production – all the alternative parts are rather expensive – we like to see that Ford remains focused on the future.


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