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Ford’s Australia Production Ends

Ford’s Australia Production kicked off way back in 1925, nearly a century ago, but now it’s coming to an end. In 2013, Ford, Toyota, and General Motors all announced they would be leaving the country in coming years if things didn’t change. That prediction is coming to fruition with Ford closing the doors of its Broadmeadows plant this year.

The final Ford Falcon XR6 rolled off the production line and will find its home in Ford’s Australia museum. It’s the final V6 Falcon the world will see, at least for the time being.

Ford isn’t the only automaker pulling out of Australia by the end of the year. General Motors and Toyota are also leaving. All three automakers cite distance from export countries, high production costs, and recent increases in competition among reasons they’re choosing to leave the land down under. In total, 6,600 people will lose their jobs.

There’s a silver lining to Ford’s Australia production coming to a close. While General Motors and Toyota will withdraw entirely, Ford will continue to employ approximately 2,000 people. Engineers will continue to develop new models to be manufactured abroad while dealerships will still sell and service imported Ford vehicles.

We here at Pegues Hurst Ford are happy to see Ford making every effort to remain in Australia and continue to employ thousands of people despite obstacles.


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