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FordInclusiveWorks Creates Special Positions for Individuals with Autism

According to the CDC, 1 in 68 people are born with some form of autism. Individuals with autism can face a number of challenges in life. One of which is finding a workplace where they are welcome, a place that is aware of their special skill sets and can work with them on an individual basis.

Ford is working to address this issue through its initiative, FordInclusiveWorks. The automaker created the pilot program with the help of Autism Alliance of Michigan.

In its product development department, Ford specially created five positions that, as they put it in a recent press release, “suit the skills and capabilities of people with autism.” Once their tenure is fulfilled, Ford promises to consider each participant for future employment. Thus, Ford is creating an amazing leap forward for inclusion in the workplace.

Ford is open about what they hope to achieve with the program. Not only are they interested in helping people with autism get real-world work experience, the automaker also hopes to get valuable insight in return. Felicia Fields, Ford exec, said, “We recognize that having a diverse and inclusive workforce allows us to leverage a wider range of innovative ideas to make our customers’ lives better.”


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