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Ford Voted Best Brand

Ford remained the best-perceived brand among automakers and the 2nd-best perceived brand in the entire United States in the latest YouGov BrandIndex report.

To determine a brand’s place in the report, YouGov asks respondents whether they’ve heard anything about the brand in the last two weeks—through advertising, news, or word of mouth—and whether what they heard was positive or negative. All of this information is then then used to build the brand’s “Buzz score.”

This year, Ford was able to take 2nd place with a Buzz score of 29.6, only one point down from Amazon in first place, but far ahead of any other automaker—Toyota was second among automakers with only 19.5 points, which wasn’t even enough to make it into the overall top 25.

“Strong demand for our new cars, utilities, hybrids and trucks provided Ford with the largest share point gain of any full-line automaker in 2013,” said John Felice, Ford vice president of US Marketing, Sales and Service.

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