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Ford Upgrading Facilities to LED Lights

Ford continues to work toward their personal business goals of reducing their energy use, by installing LED lights in all of their manufacturing facilities across the world. They will have spent over $25 million by the end of the year to install the new lighting systems, but the savings will win in the long run.

When the transition is complete, Ford estimates they will be able to conserve the amount of energy it would take to power more than 6,000 average-sized homes for an entire year. Maintenance as well will be less, with the life expectancy of an LED light expected to last for 15 years.

The plans to reduce energy use began in 2011 with a goal to decrease energy use in vehicle production by 25 percent per vehicle by the year 2016.

“We are extremely pleased to install this leading-edge technology in our manufacturing facilities worldwide,” said John Fleming, Ford’s executive vice president of Global Manufacturing and Labor Affairs. “This is a long term investment in our future that highlights our aggressive approach to lead in environmental improvements and achieve operating efficiencies.”

We at Woody Folsom Ford are proud to be a part of the Ford family, who is always looking for ways to stay ahead of the game and do their part to reduce their carbon foot print.


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