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Ford to Sponsor Expansion of the Motown Museum

One of the most important institutions for both the modern music world and the city of Detroit is Motown Records. With legendary artists like Michael Jackson and Marvin Gaye under the label, Motown has helped to shape the music industry into what it is today. It has also added a rich layer of culture to the city of Detroit. Ford is a company that appreciates the Motor City and loves to celebrate its numerous accomplishments. Ford recently announced an exciting way that they plan to do just that.

According to a recent press release from Ford, Ford will help sponsor an expansion of the Motown Museum.

Ford and UAW-Ford will invest $6 million into the expansion of the Motown Museum. This investment will help pay for a new venue located at the museum, as well as several automotive and music exhibits for the museum itself.

“It is very gratifying to support the expansion of the Motown Museum, and in doing so, we strengthen an institution that has great historical and cultural significance to our region and the world,” said Jimmy Settles, vice president of UAW.

Motown is the soul of the city of Detroit, and Ford is committed to keeping that harmonious spirit alive!


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