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Ford SYNC Connect Technology Adds In-Car LTE

The auto industry is all about smartphone connectivity as of late, it seems. With features like mobile Wi-Fi, hands-free phone calls, and BlueTooth music streaming becoming standard technology, being disconnected from the outside world–while driving–is becoming a thing of the past. Ford’s new SYNC Connect technology aims to make this sort of connectivity even more accessible to the company’s customers, starting next year.

Ford SYNC entertainment systems are already present in many of the company’s vehicles, but the new SYNC Connect ups the ante by allowing drivers to sync up their phones and their cars through an app by the same name. This SYNC Connect app allows drivers to remotely start, lock, and unlock, along with providing vehicle status information and helping them to find their car if they’ve forgotten where they parked it.


Ford SYNC Connect technology will also introduce LTE-based Wi-Fi connectivity to the brand. Many Ford vehicles already provide Wi-Fi, but the LTE service is being implemented as of the debut of the 2017 Ford Escape next year. With the introduction of the new tech on such a successful vehicle in Ford’s lineup, the company undoubtedly aims to make SYNC Connect available to a widespread demographic.


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