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Ford Presents e-bikes at the Mobile World Congress

Ford presented a new experiment called Handle on Mobility at the Mobile World Congress, its latest efforts as part of the company’s Smart Mobility plan.

Ford Smart Mobility is all about changing the way the world moves through “innovation in connectivity, mobility, autonomous vehicles, customer experience, and big data.”

One of its major points of focus are traffic problems and overly-long commutes, which are not just automotive issues, as they also have significant economic and social impacts in large cities. According to the European Commission, congestion in the European Union costs about €100 billion a year, and the U.K. Office of National Statistics has shown that each minute added to a commute affects anxiety, happiness, and general well-being (a visit to Pegues Hurst Ford should clear that right up, however!)

The starting point for Handle on Mobility are e-bikes—bicycles equipped with a 200-watt motor and 9-amp-hour battery, and apps that help the users navigate their way through cities while staying connected. It’s a solution that focuses on efficiency, safety, and health. It’s quite interesting, so take a look at all the details in the official press release.


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