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2015 Ford C-Max

Ford Plant Presidential Visit To Celebrate “Growth In The American Auto And Manufacturing Sectors”

The kind folks at the Ford Michigan Assembly Plant are probably dusting, sweeping and otherwise getting things in order. When the President of the United States is your guest of honor, you want to make sure your house is tip-top. The plant is President Obama’s first stop in “a three-day, three-city national tour highlighting” various proposals he’s got in the works.

The 2015 Ford C-Max wil be a highlight during the ford plant presidential visitThe Ford plant presidential visit just would not be a proper visit without some oration, therefore Obama will “deliver remarks recognizing the growth in the American auto and manufacturing sectors,” according to the Detroit Free Press.  Obama will also be treated to a tour of the facility.

The online newspaper also notes that the President has been a “leading proponent” of programs to improve fuel economy across the automotive industry. Perhaps it’s no mistake then that the Ford Michigan Assembly Plant is where Ford makes it’s most fuel-efficient vehicles, the Ford Focus and C-Max models.

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