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Ford Partnership Increases Carbon Fiber Ford Models Possibilities

Ford is known for pioneering new weight-reduction technology, and it looks like it isn’t going to stop anytime soon. The American carmaker recently signed a joint development agreement with DowAksa, which will help Ford to continue research on developing cost-effective, high-volume manufacturing for automotive-grade carbon fiber.

This innovative partnership is a step toward making carbon fiber Ford models more prevalent, increasing fuel efficiency in the American carmaker’s lineup. While more manufacturing and cost-effective Ford production may not translate to our daily lives, increased fuel efficiency is something we can certainly all celebrate!

Carbon Fiber Ford Models“This joint development agreement reinforces Ford’s commitment to our partnership with DowAksa, and our drive to bring carbon fiber components to the broader market,” said Mike Whitens, director, Vehicle Enterprise Sciences, Ford Research & Advanced Engineering. “The goal of our work here fits within the company’s Blueprint for Sustainability, where future Ford vehicles will be lighter with optimized performance that would help consumers further improve fuel economy and reduce emissions.”

The Ford F-150 is a prime example of Ford’s move towards weight reducing. Using aluminum, along with high-strength steel, the 2015 F-150 pickup truck has better fuel efficiency than ever before, while also offering more capabilities.

To learn more about the future of Ford’s weight-reduction technology, check back with Pegues Hurst Ford.


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