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Cloud-Based Technology

Ford Partners with Cloud-Based Technology Company Pivotal

Cars these days are getting more and more high-tech, and Ford’s latest strategy is to pursue the best in cloud-based technology. After partnering with software development company Pivotal on the new Fordpass system and a new shuttle service in Dearborn, Michigan, Ford and Pivotal are at it again. Ford invested $182 million into Pivotal recently, which was on top of all the brand’s previous investments, suggesting to everyone in the industry that Ford plans on working with Pivotal for a long time.



On top of the investment, Ford Chief Information Officer Marcy Klevorn will be joining Pivotal’s board of directors, furthering strengthening the bond between the two companies. This move means that technology and software in Ford vehicles such as Fordpass will receive more frequent updates, and the two will continue working together on new apps and systems for future vehicles. That means you wont need to wait long to have the most up to date tech Ford and Pivotal can offer.


Fordpass was the child of the original agreement between Ford and Pivotal, which Ford announce late last year would be a three-year agreement. Now, with Ford’s massive investment in the company on the table, it looks like that three-year agreement might expand. Mark Fields, president and CEO of Ford, said the investment was like “going from dating to being married.” Following the investment, Ford and Pivotal have plans to open three different software labs in the US and Europe.


Ford’s foray into cloud-based technology is one of many ways in which the automaker is delving into a realm beyond just designing and producing cars. The company is interested in expanding into areas such as the development of technology and software. With Pivotal on its side, Ford seems to be strategically poised to become a major player in the creation of cutting-edge technology features.




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