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GoDrive car-sharing service in London

Ford Offers GoDrive Car-Sharing in London

If you’ve spent any time in Europe, you know that driving and parking in big cities can be a nightmare. The city streets were literally set in stone long before cars arrived, meaning it can be hard to navigate the often narrow streets. This is why tiny cars are so popular in Europe and why so many people don’t own a car at all.


For those who don’t have their own transportation, they can take advantage of public transportation. But when that fails, they may need to borrow a car. Ford is now offering its GoDrive car-sharing service to the London public.


With this service it will give Londoners access to 50 cars in 20 different locations. Drivers can opt for one-way trips and the service even has guaranteed parking—that feature alone will likely make this a popular service.

Drivers can book their cars using their smartphone, which also serves as the key to unlock the car when they arrive.


With this car-sharing experiment in London, Ford hopes to learn valuable information, which it can apply to future programs in Europe, India, and even the United States.


Would you use a Ford GoDrive car-sharing service in London if you were there?



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