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Ford Launches New Blue Oval STEM Scholarship Program

For the past 30 years, the Ford High School Science and Technology Program has provided over 10,000 students with the opportunity to witness science and engineering in action at Ford’s Michigan campus. The program is now one of three from which Ford will select recipients for its new Ford Blue Oval STEM Scholarship Program.

Students who have already participated in the Ford-sponsored For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology program, Ford Next Generation Learning program, or Ford High School Science and Technology Program are eligible to apply for the scholarship.

Over the course of four years, 50 talented students can receive up to $10,000 in scholarship monies.

“This new scholarship demonstrates our continued commitment to STEM education by investing in talented students who represent the future of the automotive industry,” said Felicia Fields, Ford’s group vice president for Human Resources and Corporate Services.

“For 30 years, long before anyone even talked about STEM fields, Ford was a leading force in promoting science, math and technology. This scholarship takes our commitment to these disciplines even further.”

Here at Pegues Hurst Ford, we are excited for opportunities like these for the younger generation. That means we’ll have much to look forward to in terms of innovative developments for the auto industry in the near future.


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