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Ford F-Series Trucks Continue Reign

ford f-series f-150 tremor

Here at Pegues Hurst Ford, we are celebrating a 32-year streak. That’s how long the Ford F-series has been the number one-selling vehicle for buyers throughout the United States.

In total, Ford sold 793,402 F-series in 2013. We can only imagine what that many people are using their trucks to do:

You’ll probably notice many of the F-series trucks getting a workout at construction sites, while others indulge in a life of leisure toting kayaks, bikes, and the all-important coolers of food through the great outdoors.

There are probably some trucks outfitted with camouflage for hunting season and others whose tailgates are enjoying prime time before the big game.

But wait; we’re not done celebrating yet. Our Ford Escape crossover also made the top ten best-sellers list, with 295,993 units sold last year.

Have you joined the Ford team? Not to add peer pressure like back in high school, but Ford is clearly what all the cool kids are buying.


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