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Chicago Auto Show: New Police Interceptor

From the show Cops to your city streets, Ford is helping United States law enforcement have the upper hand. With an updated Ford Explorer taking over from its older model, the new police Interceptor is ready to hit the streets. It just has one stop to make first: the Chicago Auto Show.

Ford sent out the teaser photo not long ago and then Keegan the police dog adorably revealed the new Interceptor at the Chicago Auto Show. The flashing red and blue lights are something no one wants to see, let alone criminals.

The new Police Interceptor Ford ExplorerThe Interceptor is built off of Ford’s existing Taurus, sedan, and Explorer, SUV. Although sales to police fleets have lower profits than individual customer sales, the police car business has treated Ford well.

Surely you remember it like it was yesterday when the ol’ Crown Victoria models were rolling down city streets. Probably because it was yesterday. Many of the Crown Victoria cruisers are still patrolling today. Loved by law enforcement everywhere for cheap fixes, the outdated cruisers helped Ford lockdown police fleets into the new Ford Explorer.

The California Highway patrol, closely watched for vehicle choice, has invested in the Interceptor SUV. Police loyalty seems to be sticking with Ford for the time being.


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