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Bicycle Safety Tips for Summer Riders

If you don’t ride your bike often besides during the summer, you may not be aware of some of the most important steps you can take to keep yourself safe. Just follow these easy bicycle safety tips!

First, always wear a helmet. Duh.

bicycle safety tips

Make sure your bike is in good condition. Check that the wheels are inflated, the brakes work, and your seat is comfortable. All this will keep you from getting distracted and crashing.

If you’re riding at night, it’s important to have a light on your helmet or bike that alerts oncoming cars. It’s also good to wear reflective clothing. Being less than visible at night is a really good way to get hit by a car.

Use hand signals when you turn, but don’t assume people in cars will know what you mean or will be paying attention. Be cautious and make eye contact with drivers so they understand what you intend to do.

Always go with the flow of traffic, and do your best to ride like you would drive a car. Don’t weave in and out of traffic, stay in the far right lane. And obey traffic laws! Just because you’re on a bike doesn’t mean you can cross the street at a red light. There are cars coming across the street at you! That’s another good way to get hit by a car.

Make sure to stay safe and follow these tips. With these in mind you can enjoy the summer breeze with ease.


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