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Attention Dads: Get Mom The Brand New Ford She Wants

We know it’s a little cliche but mom really is the last one to get a new car, even though she’s still happy driving around in her Ford Windstar. We think it’s time for mom to upgrade from the minivan she used to haul the boys home from football in, because frankly the smell isn’t going away (even with the ten air fresheners). So why not do something super awesome for mom and get a new Ford.

How exactly are you going to get her this new Ford? You remember the Ford Ecoboost Challenge commercials? Well Ford is going to give away 6 different vehicles as a part of the Ecoboost Challenge, all you have to do is watch the videos and then enter to win. It’s that simple, and you can increase your odds by watching all six videos. So stop reading and get watching! You can enter six times a person, so recruit some help and increase your odds even more.

If luck is not on your side, you can still visist Pegeus-Hurst Ford and do things the old fashioned way and buy mom a new car. We heard her mention how much she likes the Candy Blue color on the Focus Hatchback. HINT HINT


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