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A Playlist of Road Trip Tunes for Every Occasion

Turns out, there’s a song for every situation you might run into on a road trip, so prepare  yourself….

Eddie Rabbit – “Driving My Life Away”

If you happen to be on a particularly long road trip, and it seems like it’s never going to end, put this song on. Eddie Rabbit feels your pain.

AC/DC – “Highway to Hell”

Indulging a little too much on your road trip? Too many energy drinks, candy bars and cheap, ceramic statues of wolves purchased at truck stops? You know where you’re going. Just put this song on and accept your fate.

Fastball – “The Way”

Play this one when you’re lost. This song is a catchy-yet-tragic tune about an older couple who becomes lost, then were found hundreds of miles from their destination.

The Eagles – “Take It Easy”

This song never fails to chill everyone out after a serious disagreement. Like when you’re in a strange town and you wanted to try the taco truck but your friend wanted to play it safe and get gas station hot dogs. Spin this, one of the most classic road trip tunes, and just relax, man. You’re here to have a good time.

Material w/ William S. Burroughs – “The Road To The Western Lands”

Do aliens exist and if so, have these extra-dimensional beings already infiltrated top governmental positions and what are we going to do about it? Road trips give you the opportunity to finally talk about the things you really care about. This song is your inspiration.


Just make sure when  you road trip, you bring everything you need as well! You can get thirsty out there folks.



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