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2015 F-150 Weight Loss Explained by Crafty Ford Automakers

While trucks remain popular as ever, their inherent size and strength offers a real problem for drivers who are concerned about fuel economy, making it no wonder that major automakers having been doing whatever they can to cut corners (perhaps literally) on their trucks, in order to lower their weight.

Strides have certainly been made in the truck-fuel-economy department, but no one has succeeded like Ford has with the 2015 F-150. Ford recently shared some info on this inspirational weight loss success story.

F-150 Weight LossThe main factor in the weight decrease was the decision to use aluminum for much of the car’s body, which is a lighter metal than traditionally used on F-150 trucks. This construction took the F-150 a leap forward, and then a few baby steps got it to its goal.

The trucks lighter weight and other upgrades help the car drive more smoothly, according to almost all reviews, and the fuel economy numbers have greatly improved.

You can check out this infographic for more specific details on the changes made by Ford to make the F-150 weight loss possible.


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